Tuesday, April 20, 2010

So happy to meet the their younger son.

This wonderful family asked to to photograph their first son in September 2008 and I was so excited when they called to tell me that they had a second son and wanted me to photograph him too.

I love it when I get to meet new family members and capture them when they are brand new.   Just a couple of weeks make such a difference in how an infant looks and they become so strong so quickly that it is just such a treat when I get to play with them.  

Check out this beautiful smile!  I love it.
I just love when the are all folded up like this.
Just a little break for a burp.
Siblings have a beautiful relationship that I love to capture.
What was he thinking??
He was laughing so hard we were all laughing with him.

Look at this beautiful family.

Mom looking lovely.

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