Sunday, May 23, 2010

And she has arrived!!

Little Miss CHL proved herself to hold her own as a fantastic model like her big sister.   She was a charmer and did everything we asked of her.  Must be the magic fairy dust I sprinkle all around before the shoot.   We moved her from position to position and she just went with the flow, rarely even waking to bat an eyelash at us.  I can't wait for these girls to have CHL's 6 month photos.  I am already picking outfits.

I hope you enjoy the images and thanks for stopping by!


Saturday, May 22, 2010

My brother and his family came out to Toronto last week and we all got to meet the newest addition to our clan, McKenna.  She is 2 months old and has a ton of hair.  That may come from her mother.  It was sad to see them leave but he is working out in Calgary gaining great experience so we all must enjoy the little time we get to see them. 

McKenna was just amazing.  She had already been out to the east coast on this trip to visit her mom's side of the family, then they came to Toronto for a week to be with all of us which was wonderful.  That baby girl never cried and she slept in anyone's arms and didn't fuss at all.  Wow!  I remember Adam having colic like my son and sleep was about the only thing they didn't do. 

I am so pleased for them and it was wonderful that I was able to capture images of my niece while she is still so small.  I may not get to photograph her again for a couple of years.


Baby N is here.

I am a little behind on my posting but at the very beginning of May I got to meet beautiful baby N.  I had wanted to try this image of the mom posing pregnant, then having her in the same position holding the baby.  I was very excited with how well we managed to pose.  When the images are played one after the other on top of each other they work really well.

Baby's first year packages are a wonderful gift.   N&A received a maternity session and the baby's first year package as a special gift that will last a lifetime, not just until they grow out of them.  Consider this gift for the next shower you are invited to!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day.  Happy May 2010!!


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Butterfiles and Rainbows

That is what little girls are made of.  A.S. was just a delight to photograph.  Easy going, warm and friendly, we had a terrific time getting to know each other.   I am excited to meet their first child and we wrote out her name in blocks but they choose two different names.  We shall see what they decide...