Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Practice Models

I was really looking forward to a one year photo session with little Maya who I have had the pleasure of photographing from her time in her mom's tumming, and right through to 9 months.  She was not feeliing well yesterday morning so we decided to make use of the time by letting my kids have some fun with the new backdrops I had picked up.  Josh got into his Tux.  That was the best $60 I have EVER spent on children's clothing.  I purchased it when he was 2 for my sister's wedding but they only had a size 4 so I had to take it up quite a bit.  Then, when he was 4, I let it down a bit.  He has worn it to his nursery school graduation, Christmas concerts, dress up events and now even for a photo session with mom.  Now at age 6 it is starting to look like he won't get much more time out of it but it has been great to have. 


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