Sunday, April 26, 2009

Seb's First Communion

It has been about 6 years since I was last at this beautiful church in Mississauga. We got there a bit early and were lucky to have some cloud cover for a few outside shots but the wind would pick up and drag everyone's hair across the picture. Fortunately it would come and go. We moved inside and I found a sweet spot with a small circle of sunlight coming in from a high window.

I tested a few images before the family arrived to see what my lighting was like in the church. Fortunately there are large glass doors looking into the church from the main hall so I shot into the church to see what settings I would need. Once Nicole and her family arrived we took some images and we were approached by the Priest. Nicole explained that she had asked if we could take photos and it was okay? He said, no, I want to speak to her (and pointed his finger directly at me!). He took me aside and said that he had noticed me taking photos during the mass. I quickly explained that I was only testing lighting before the family arrived and he was satisfied with my answer. I felt like I had been pulled over for speeding and got off with a warning. All ended well.

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